Heading to West Australia next week for a break visting friends and family and to dry the ol’bones out (40 degrees C there at the moment – bit too hot- turn it down a bit ! ) All going well should be back trading in London on Saturday the 23rd of February.

So being the last Saturday for a while are going to bring out the BIG DOG’s …. Haute Dog’s on the menu will be :-

“Dogfather” “Boss Hogg” “Eton Rifle” “Mexican Elvis” “Snoop Dog” and “Mac my Bitch up” plus Jumbo Veggie dog and usual other pups.

*see all HOT DOG combinations by clicking onto “the MENU” in left hand column.


*If you have’nt been down to the Diner before this is the deal. Once on North Cross rd come and see me first, i will tell you how many dog’s on order (can be 12 – 24 at any one time) put your order in, we’ll let you know roughly how long that will take and you can do a spot of shopping on the market or head up to “the Actress” pub for a sneaky pint.


(above Veggie Dog option)