The Mexican Elvis


The “Mexican Elvis” Hot Dog is inspired by my love of Mexican food and is my fresh take on the ol’chilli dog – a classic American diner staple.

Working on the first few batches of the Mexican Elvis sauce i felt the texture of the mince beef against the texture of the hot dog could be and should be improved, I definitely wanted something more luxurious, a deluxe beef hot dog¬†… this resulted in using chuck steak in the sauce of which is slow cooked shredded then added to the mix with pinto beans, red beans, mixed peppers and warming spices like cumin, coriander and many other ingredients that i will keep to myself … the sauce is completed when mixed with a cinnamon and cayenne pepper laced beef gravy along with a finishing touch of freshly squeezed ¬†lime juice. The beef and bean sauce is intentionally made mild (heat – chilli, wise) so you can control the heat factor by choosing the right amount of finely chopped Jalapenos to suit.

The Mexican Elvis is served on a bed of cheddar cheese and grilled onions with the beef dog resting atop which is covered in the Beef Steak ‘n’ Pinto bean sauce and topped off with guacamole, cheese sauce and finely chopped Jalapenos as previously mentioned … ENJOY

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