The Dogfather Diner was founded at the back end of 2009, borne of the desire to reinvent the humble hot dog and transform it into a high-quality street food – to be both creative and genuinely original.

The Beef Dog is made with 100% kosher beef which also has a halal approval. The Buns are made to order, own sauce recipes are made from scratch, the mayonnaises are original and home blended, use mindfully selected cheeses and other meat products like the sweet salty streaky bacon and sliced chorizo.

We also have a  fantastic jumbo veggie hot dog with it’s own menu.

Currently you can find the Dogfather Diner on Saturdays from 11am to 5pm on the North Cross Road market in  East Dulwich, London SE22.

The Dogfather Diner has strong ambitions to become a fully fledged Diner with a menu in the waiting to suit … follow it’s journey to become so …  twitter @dogfatherdiner