for 22 Sep – @ North Cross rd street market SE22

Haute dogs on tomorrows menu we got….

the “Mush Puppy” … a delicious peppery steak ‘n’ mushoom sauce with crispy onion straws.

the “Snoop Dog” … a DFD classic – cheese, bacon,bbq sauce, corn mayo,green onions.

Along with the “Boss Hog” and the “Dogfather”.

Along with a Jumbo veggie dog and the other usual pups on the menu.

The other thing to look forward to tomorrow is ¬†Martini will be coming down about 12.30 to play some dog eat’in music …. Hillbilly swamp blues




Tomato, onion and chili JAM on a hot dog … made it’s debut on North Cross rd stall last week to rave reviews i’m happy to report. The combination with two cheeses worked really well and even better by adding streaky bacon or grilled chorizo slices.

The Eton Rifle will be back on the menu next Saturday 22nd Dec .

Weather permitting will be out on North Cross rd Sat, Sun, Mon before Christmas day.


“Pump up the Jam”


That Buck-Wild prickly lil’desert pup “Cactus Dog” on Saturday ‘n’ Sunday’s menu.

A Mexican chili-beef-cheese-dog with sauce containing tomatillo’s, cactus leaves, green peppers, green jalapenos ….