This is what’s going on

It’s thursday the 1st, Nov  …. Dogfather Diner wont be trading at North Cross rd market this coming Saturday (5/11) or for the next few Saturday’s … Instead i’ll be having a two week residency at the “Sun and 13 Cantons” pub on Great Pulteney st, Soho, W1F 9NG. This will be starting this coming Monday (5/11). Menu and times will be placed over the week end… Dogyalater


You ain’t nothing but a “Slum Dog”

Being a expert sandwich maker from the food on my plate started as young as i can remember, the classic  “Mash potato, peas and gravy” sandwich, the “Beef rissole with tomato sauce” sandwich and  the king of things in bread  “Egg and Chips with tomato sauce and mayo”. For a while there i do remember being hooked on “Vanilla ice cream in white bread”, i even invented the “Fish, chip and salad burger” at my local Fish ‘n’ Chip shop in Australia by asking for it so often that they put it on the menu … So it doesn’t really surprise me that eventually along came the “Slum Dog”.

The Slum Dog … a combination of garlic sag (spinach) and boiled potatoes sauteed with turmeric and mustard seeds on one side of bun, grilled onions and finely chopped jalapeno’s the other, beef dog is placed in the middle and a cut is made down the centre of the dog into this cut an injection of a curry and mango blended mayonnaise, the dog is finished with a sprinkle of onion bhaji flakes.


The Slum Dog is one of the Haute Dogs and a rotating menu.

I alway’s advise on Twitter the Haute Dog menu for that paticular day.

The “Sour Mash” Dog

Yesterday day was the 4th time the “Sour Mash” dog has come out on the menu and it just keeps getting better and better each time. This time with little tweeks to get the right ratio of ingredients to beef dog and bun also paying a lot of

 attention to get the right consistency of the white sauce.
Think of a meal of brisket, boiled potatoes, cabbage n bacon with a white sauce and you have the inspiration of the sour mash dog.
the “Sour Mash” dog is …. cheddar slices down on bun then the beef dog with some French’s American mustard … on top of the dog a combination of smashed roasted potatoes with sauteed cabbage in butter and black pepper and crispy streaky bacon chips … finished with a white sauce heavy on the whole grain mustard and awash with Jack Daniels …

Dogfather Diner London … Food Network _Uk … Eat Street U.S.A.

Several months ago “Eat Street U.S.A.” come to London to film 8 street food vendours that they thought were moving things forward food wise on the streets of London and i feel very privileged to be one of those chosen.

This episode of the Dogfather Diner features heavily my boy “Blue” the staffy … as i lost Blue only a few weeks ago due to old age (nearly 16) i see it as a great tribute to Blue, and shows what a great life he had. He was a real character that touched so many peoples lives, the fact that he was loved and appreciated by so many is a great legacy to have.